For you to dress well, it’s not as simple as putting on clothes to match the occasion. Yes, you can wear casual attire when simply hanging out with your friends or a coat and tie for formal events. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look good per se.

So how do men dress well?

If you don’t want to be the odd one out, there are specific rules you need to adhere to. What you wear goes beyond the impression you leave on others – it can likewise affect how you think and behave.

Fortunately, men’s dressing style is not overly complicated. You’ll realize how simple it is with this list of six style rules you can easily keep in mind.

Rules For Men to Follow to Dress Well

It won’t take you too much effort to look sharp, even if you’re just wearing casual clothes. But the benefit you’ll get is worth more than the minimal effort. Here are some principles that can help bring out the better-dressed version of you.

1. Shed that Boyish Look

Have you ever seen a rom-com heartthrob wearing flashy clothes or graphic tees? Seldom, right? That’s because the character usually radiates a snappy, mature, and sophisticated aura. And you can hardly achieve this by wearing funny or cartoon tees.

Therefore, you should avoid wearing shirts with absurd slogans and jokes printed on the tee if you want to command respect. Instead, go for clothes with solid colors or striped designs.

If you find tees too simple, you can also opt to wear polo shirts. Even if you’re just dressing casually, you should not restrict yourself to simply wearing shirts without a collar.

2. Go for Clean Dark Blue Jeans

Clean jeans are not just about being neat and dirt-free – it also means not having any embellishments such as chains or printed logos. Thus, dark blue jeans work exceptionally well. Even if you wear it a few times, it won’t show. Plus, it goes well with most types of casual shirts.

They should also fit you nicely, without pooling around your ankles. Avoid baggy jeans or those with low hipster style that show off your boxer shorts – no matter how good your undies look.

Also, don’t wear jeans with excessive rips or distress. While these imperfections show off some ruggedness, too much of them can make you look lousy.

For guys with muscular legs, a partial slim fit can help accentuate your masculine legs. If you’re bulkier, it’s always best to go for jeans with a straight and relaxed fit.

3. Classic Suit Never Goes Out of Style

A classic suit is single-breasted and has moderate details, two buttons, and dark colors. This type of suit will help you achieve the stylish and formal look you’re going for. However, this is just the first part of looking good in a coat and tie.

The suit must also fit you perfectly. Even though you’re wearing a classic coat, if it’s too loose for your torso or the sleeves are too long for your arms, you’ll just end up looking sloppy instead of snappy.

To ensure that you look good in your suit, have it match your exact body measurements.

4. Diversify Your Pants

Men’s dressing style doesn’t have to be too rigid.

If you want to be striking and look stylish without compromising comfort, you can invest in a pair of chinos. With chinos, you have a variety of colors to choose from, allowing you to express yourself more freely.

For a bolder look, you can go with dark red or lime green colors. If this feels too loud for you, you can always go for chinos in camel or grey colors.

The same rule applies, though. Avoid embellishments, and make sure that your chinos fit you well, like your pair of dark blue jeans.

5. Level up Your Footwear

Did you know that shoes can speak louder than words? In a recent study about personality, people either subconsciously or consciously judge others with the shoes they’re wearing.

Wearing dirty and torn-up shoes can ruin your outfit – both formal and casual – and leave a terrible impression on others.

While white sneakers are the go-to footwear for a casual outfit, you can upgrade your look with brown leather shoes. If you want to ensure that your shoes match your suit, you can never go wrong with classic leather shoes with rounded toes.

6. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Do you find your outfit too simple? You can spice it up with accessories. However, you may appear to be trying too hard if you accessorize heavily. Watches and bracelets are your best options in this category.

But remember that leather bracelets are suitable for casual wear only, while watches are great for any outfit and occasion.

Make a Statement with What You Wear

Follow these style tips for guys and leave a lasting first impression on every person you meet. The way you dress will definitely improve your image and help you feel more confident about yourself.