Did you receive a winter wedding invite? Are you now at a loss about how to dress appropriately for the temperature? It’s proper wedding guest etiquette not to outshine the groom, but you do want to look stylish. 

The general advice for all men is to always keep one go-to wedding outfit for summer and one for winter in your closet. Investing in those two outfits ensures you never have an impending wedding date but nothing to wear.  

The biggest tip for men is to work with – not against – the colder weather. Find out how to do just that by reading on. 

Men’s Winter Wedding Outfits

If you’re ready to invest in your permanent winter wedding attire or just need a piece or two to pull everything together, check out these tips to make your most fashion-forward decision. 

Most importantly, pay special attention to any directions the invitation or wedding website provides. This information will tell you valuable details like whether the event is formal or informal. If you’re unsure, it is acceptable to ask. You can wear the best outfit in the world, but it won’t matter if you stick out like a sore thumb for not following the dress code. Not to mention the fact that you’ll likely have photographic evidence. 

The following are some general guidelines for choices you’ll likely have to make about material, color, print, outerwear, and shoes.


Winter provides a unique opportunity to experiment with different patterns, textures, and materials of men’s suits. You want to wear something that will keep you warm – like wool, flannel, or cashmere – because temperatures will be lower, especially if the wedding occurs at night. To jazz up your look, consider going with a velvet dinner jacket. Velvet will add an element of luxury to your look. 

Steer clear from materials like suede – for suits or shoes – that don’t brave natural elements like snow well. 


Weddings during the colder months can lend themselves to exploring colored suit options. It’s best to stick with darker color options. A navy or charcoal suit can take a long way in winter fashion. 


Winter is the perfect time to try out different prints because you’re wearing more different materials. Doing something fancy, like wearing a plaid, tweed, or herringbone suit can make a winter statement. 


Wearing an overcoat over a suit or tuxedo keeps you warm and fashionable at the same time. Choosing a material like wool will keep the cold temperatures out of any wedding ceremony. 

The rule is that the coat must hang lower than the suit jacket underneath. A parka or down jacket will likely appear too casual for a winter wedding, regardless of the dress code. 


Picking shoes to match your suit may pose the biggest challenge, but getting it right will yield the highest reward. 

The most important thing to remember is to wear clean, polished shoes free of embellishments that may distract from the rest of the outfit. 

What to Wear to a Casual Winter Wedding

These can sometimes be even more difficult to pick outfits for because there are no concrete constraints. A necktie works best for a more casual or daytime wedding. Feel free to accessorize your look, as fewer constraints dictate what’s acceptable at a more informal occasion. Remember to choose something comfortable so you can hit the dancefloor in comfort and style. 

What to Wear to a Black-Tie Winter Wedding

A wedding with a black-tie dress code has more formal guidelines than a casual one. You’re safest going with a traditional black tuxedo. A black bowtie, black tuxedo, and white tuxedo shirt are your best bet for a formal event like this. If the invitation notes something like “black-tie optional,” “black-tie preferred,” or “black-tie invited,” the same rules typically apply. 

In some cases, if the invite lists the dress code as “black tie optional,” you can wear a necktie instead of a bowtie. A vest or cummerbund can add insulation and keep you warm during the winter wedding season. Stick with classic black dress shoes for your black-tie winter wedding attire. 

Final Tips on What to Wear to a Winter Wedding for Men

If you’re traveling for a wedding, ensure you know how to properly pack a suit before heading to your destination. Also, consider the wedding’s location when planning your outfit. It’s best to opt for earthier tones for a country wedding and stick with the classic black look for cities. 

Now you’re prepared to create the ultimate winter wedding look. Enjoy the big day – and don’t forget to bring tissues or several clean white handkerchiefs to offer the ladies!