Friday, April 23rd

Coppley – 15% savings on in-stock or special orders.

Known for their quality, full-canvas construction, and comfortable fit, Coppley offers two custom services:

For the customer who needs minimal sizing modifications, Coppley delivers semi-made to measure suits, sport coats and trousers in 2 weeks.

For those who require more extensive measurements, Coppley’s full made to measure is delivered in only 3 weeks.

Mark Landis, Coppley’s representative, will be present to give advice on fabric, model and fit. During the trunk show period, enjoy a savings of 15% off any suit, sport coat and trouser from stock or special order.

Stantt Custom Shirts – 15% savings on in-stock or special orders.

Are you frustrated about finding shirts that fit? Standard sizing of small, medium and large only fits 15% of men. Stantt has created over 100 unique sizes that will guarantee a good fit. Prices start at $115. Hundreds of fabrics are available for dress, formal, casual and knit polo shirts.

Alan Payne – 15% savings on in-stock or special orders.

Time tested and classical styled. Each pair of Alan Payne shoes are hand crafted by artisans from the finest leathers and components available. Hal Jensen will be in the store to help with fit and style selection.

Trunk show special will expire Saturday, May 1st.

Monday – Saturday, April 26th – May 1st

Peter Millar Week – Special event incentives during the show.

Peter Millar offers a wide range of beautiful, casual sportswear, impeccably tailored sport coats and suits, using luxury fabrics that include technology and performance to keep you looking sharp and feeling comfortable.

Our Spring Collection has arrived!

Trunk show specials will expire Saturday, May 1st.


Happy Shopping!