Wedding Attire for Men: Do’s and Don’ts

Dressing for a wedding comes with many unknowns. Weddings can range from black-tie events to casual backyard gatherings. Dressing accordingly shows respect for the couple and allows you to feel comfortable. Use this guide for choosing the best wedding attire for men and what outfit faux pas to avoid. Understanding Dress Codes on Wedding Invitations The first place to look [...]

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Helpful Tips on What to Wear to a Winter Wedding (for Men)

Did you receive a winter wedding invite? Are you now at a loss about how to dress appropriately for the temperature? It’s proper wedding guest etiquette not to outshine the groom, but you do want to look stylish.  The general advice for all men is to always keep one go-to wedding outfit for summer and one for winter in your [...]

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Why You Should Consider Owning a Tuxedo Instead of Renting One

Okay, so you have a huge event coming up. It might be your best friend’s wedding, a black-tie event at your work that you must attend, or maybe you simply even have a date with someone special you wish to dress up for. There are several reasons why you may be enticed to dress in men’s formalwear. Similarly, there are [...]

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How Should a Tuxedo Fit? Things to Consider for the Perfect Tux Fit

Are you one of those guys who just grab a suit and go, without considering if it’s the perfect fit? Sure, you probably look great in your tuxedo, but the difference between great and spectacular is all in the fit.  So, how should a tuxedo fit? What’s the difference between a “good fit” and a “bad fit”? Luckily, you can [...]

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How to plan your wedding look

Now that you are engaged to marry the girl of your dreams, it is time to start planning your wedding! There is high probability that your bride already has some ideas about the wedding of her dreams…. However, you can be a part of the process and enjoy each step along the way, too! Whether you get married in a [...]

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Dressing the Groom and Groomsmen

We understand primary focus of the Bride is to focus on the wedding, selecting her dress, the style of the wedding, food, and flowers. All that said, the groom needs to make some decisions as well! What to wear will have an impact on the overall look and feel of the wedding, too! Once the groom has an idea of [...]

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Wedding Details!

We enjoyed working with Ryan & Alyssa Wedding Photographers and I Do Wedding Planning & Coordination for this photo shoot featured on the blog. Inspired by Greenville, SC, the wedding was set at Mary's at Fall's Cottage in Downtown Greenville. For the full feature story, please see:  

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